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1801 N Wayne St

Suite 106

Angola, IN 46703

In the Hobby Lobby Plaza next to Casa Azteca

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Summer Hours (Memorial Day to Labor Day):

Monday: CLOSED

Tuesday: 10am - 3pm

Wed - Fri: 10am - 8pm

Saturday: 10am - 8:30pm

Sunday: 12pm - 5pm

Winter Hours (Labor Day to Memorial Day):

Monday: CLOSED

Tuesday: 10am - 3pm

Wed - Fri: 10am - 6pm

Saturday: 10am - 8:30pm

Sunday: CLOSED

Frequently asked question:

Do we take donations?

Yes we do on a limited basis. We will take up to 20 books in the following genres:

  • Young adult
  • scifi & fantasy
  • Large print
  • children's chapter books
  • historical fiction
  • general fiction
  • true crime
  • horror
  • cozy mystery
  • classics
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Upcoming events:

All events are FREE

June 2nd 7pm: April + May Book Club combo meeting

June 15th 11:30 am:

Storytime + Activty

June 21-23: “Splash into Summer Sale”

All books with water or a beach on the cover or “Summer” in the title are Buy One Get One 40% off

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Contact us:



(260) 252-4105

Ripped Book Page Paper
Ripped Book Page Paper
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Sarah’s Spot

Hello! I’m Sarah, manager of Novel Nook! In my spot you’ll see what I’m reading every month and my thoughts on what I read! Check back often as I read throughout the month!

April 2024

Ok! As I write this April is officially over so here’s my wrap-up! I read 6 books or book like material.

Coraline (physical book) -5 stars - would definitely recommend to anyone who likes an easy, spooky read. Good for Middle Grade, but I wouldn’t recommend for younger

Our Lady of Mysterious Ailments (physical book) - 4 stars - This was the second book in a trilogy and I liked the first installment a little better. It was just a little TOO twisty for me to follow and the introduction of more characters left me a little confused.

Dreadful (digital ARC) - 4.5 stars - A super fun romp! This one had me laughing out loud. I loved the character development the main character went through and the constant “things aren’t what they seem” humor. I definitely recommend this one.

The Spellshop (physical ARC)- 5 stars - I LOVED this book! I liked Legends and Lattes as a cozy fantasy but it was also not something I’d pick up again. Add more stakes to Legends and Lattes, a dash of love story, and a talking spider plant and you’ve got The Spellshop. I’ll be talking this one up for months! I can’t wait for the release!

Emily Wilde’s Map of the Otherlands (audiobook) - 5 stars - I honestly can’t tell which I liked more, this or the first installment Encyclopedia of Fairie. I still love the characters, I loved watching Wendall and Emily grow closer, and I loved everything about the journey they took together. I don’t know if there’s a planned third book but I’d love it if there was.

Everything is Fine (webtoon) - 4 stars - I do love me some webtoons and I read 3 straight seasons so I count it as a single book. Dystopian horror that is sometimes funny but mostly mildly unsettling. I think others might find it more horrific but I tend to really react more to supernatural than body horror.

Stay tuned for what I read in May!